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We provide flexible and convenient transportation services designed to meet the unique requirements of our individual clients. We built our success on delivering services that meet the unique needs of each local market and culture in the region. Our clients require highly specialized services for transporting their equipment, home and office furniture, and business items. Our professional staff is highly trained in the safe and secure transport of valuable and delicate items.

The process of transportation into or out of our storages, whether for individuals or companies, is an extremely important process. That requires a professional team that can understand the nature of the items being transported. And for that, we cared to deliver a high quality service that is professional, with low cost for the clients, and no damages for their items. As a result, Pack N Move Co. established solid relationships with corporations, companies, and government agencies in different sectors in Kuwait.

We have served over 80,000 clients across Kuwait and our history of delivering convenient and cost-effective services has enabled us to develop strategic partnerships with organizations, companies and government agencies across all sectors in the state of Kuwait.


Advantages of Our Transportation Services

  • Cost savings
  • Fast, punctual, high quality and detail oriented work
  • Unique ability to meet scheduling and logistics needs
  • Absolute flexibility ability to meet complex or unique customer requirements through our expert team
  • Wide range of products and services designed to meet most client needs