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Self Storage

As a pioneer in storage services, Pack N Move Co. has developed innovative new services that meet the complexity and challenges of the personal storage market. self storage services in particular are a big challenge in the storing industry. Locally there have been few interest in providing self storage services for personal use and small businesses. And from there, Pack N Move Co. felt the need to deliver self storage service in a unique and innovative way for the local market. In 2007 ‏Pack N Move Co. took the first step towards developing the local storing market by building its first self-storage facility that has been the biggest of its kind. The 5,000 square meter facility provided a highly secure storage environment with 24-hour guards and CCTV monitoring as well as round the clock access for customers. This innovative new service was the first in the market, meeting customers needs for flexibility, accessibility and security.
The self storage service has found a great response from the clients and it have met their needs, thus Pack N Move Co. built another storing facility with different spaces in order to meet a wider range of customer base.
Self-service storage is often preferred so we developed a range of self-service options for our clients wide variety of storage needs. We enable our clients to save time, money, and effort by providing practical storage solutions in a safe and secure environment.
Advantages of Self-storage Service:

    • Storage units ranging from 1.5m2 to 36m2
    • Ease of loading and unloading
    • Transportation of clients belongings to and from the storage unit (optional)
    • Security for client belongings (optional)
    • Self-service access with permission
    • Flexible lease agreements (weekly – monthly – annual)
    • 24 hour guards and video surveillance
    • Customers maintain access to unit keys to ensure privacy
    • Unlimited loading and loading (optional)
    • 24/7 access
    • Daily reception service
    • Climate controlled units